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You Sell Our Plans

You can add our services to your website with your markup price and sign your clients up to one of our plans.

We’ll Handle The Rest

Create an @youragency.co.uk email address for our help desk so we can help your clients. They will never hear about WP Lifesaver as all communication will include your company logo and performed as if they are coming from you.

Everybody Wins

You take all the credit, we take care of everything else.

Preferred Pricing

If you sign up your clients to our service we offer discount codes for your other sites so you can make a bit extra!

Charge What’s Right

Our silver plan costs £100 per month, if you sell 5 for £150 per month, you’ll earn an extra £3000 per year without lifting a finger.

Our Personal Touch

We enjoy what we do and help bring the best out of your clients websites.


You have a successful WP business / freelancing career

You have multiple clients who need care plans.

You’re looking for a long-term technical WP partner.

You love clear communication and fully reading emails.

You want to dominate WP maintenance with us!



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